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After the battle against Deathwish, the Strangers stay to help clean up the mess that happened in the fight. During their clean-up, the Strangers come across a live victim, Mr. Bushnell, who was on the cable car when the Jumpstart occurred. Lady Killer, Yrial and Zip Zap accompany the man to the hospital to see if he could tell them more about Deathwish. In the same hospital, Henrietta Hawkins begins to scream that the darkness has entered the building. It is at that moment that Deathwish escapes from Mr. Bushnell's body. Zip Zap is able to lead Deathwish into the morgue, but he escapes. Lady Killer contacts the other Strangers for help. Zip Zap and Lady Killer are ready to chase after Deathwish, but Yrial decides to stay and becomes belligerent. Zip Zap and Lady Killer leave and Yrial goes to visit Henrietta Hawkins. Yrial begins a magical spell while the Strangers continue to battle Deathwish. Electrocute is the only Stranger who is able to get close to Deathwish because she is an android. She savagely attacks Deathwish as Yrial continues her spell, eventually summoning the Lady of Light from Henrietta's body, an opposite of Deathwish. The Lady of Light goes to Deathwish and explains who she is, and who he really is, and they embrace, disappearing before the Strangers, leaving them to ponder how many other ultras are in the world.

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