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Pilgrim continues to recruit others to destroy the Strangers, and his newest recruits are Zara of Sky Island and Powerhouse. Meanwhile, ElectroCute acts strangely, rebuffing Grenade's advances. She angrily leaves their base and she takes Grenade's car for a drive. Unsure as to why she gets at her destination, she finds Teknight and Byter enter a building. Pilgrim and his Gang come out, causing ElectroCute to believe that Teknight and Pilgrim are one and the same. Meanwhile, back at the Strangers headquarters, the Strangers are attacked by Scar and his Raiders. The surprise attack proves to be a winning tactic as the Strangers lose the battle. Before too long, though, Pilgrim and his Gang arrive and fight the Raiders. Pilgrim's Gang defeats the Raiders strictly because they want to pleasure to kill the Strangers. When they are given the opportunity, Pilgrim decides that this isn't the time to kill the Strangers yet, to be patient. Just then, the Strangers wake up from being knocked out and ElectroCute arrives to inform her teammates that she believes Teknight and Pilgrim are the same. However, Teknight tries to find the Strangers to warn them of Pilgrim's attacks.

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