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The Strangers finally arrives at the coordinates that Yrial gave her teammates but there's only ocean in the location. ElectroCute and Spectral are the two best equipped to search underwater so they do, looking for any clues that could reveal the secret behind Yrial's tribe and why they moved their island into the sky. Suddenly a portal opens and arms reach out to grab both ElectroCute and Spectral before the other Strangers can stop them. Soon, the portal opens again and a demon gets out of it to capture the other Strangers, but Lady Killer is able to use her snorkel to kill it. The remaining Strangers prepare themselves and enter the portal. Meanwhile, Yrial grows concerned for her teammates and for humanity at large when her Chieftan, cajoled by Zara, declares war on all people. ElectroCute and Spectral are tied up and meet Bastinado, a demon king. He explains that the only way the portal to Earth could open is if a human somehow activated from the Earth side, which the Strangers did. They soon realize that Bastinado and the demons are the reason behind Yrial's people moving to the sky. Just then, the rest of the Strangers attack, but Bastinado is able to negate their powers. However, Atom Bob used his own ability to change Bastinado's magic and he's able to fight him. Atom Bob eventually defeats Bastinado, who claims he can be patient since he's waited over 500 years already. The Strangers race back to enter the portal back to Earth but they get lost and all fall off a cliff.

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