halfshellhero's The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2 - The Strange Talent of Luther Strode review

Strange? More Like Awesome

I loved the first issue and could not wait to get my hands on issue 2. Now a lot of things that get a lot of hype at first ((Obama, Tang, Y2K, etc)) usually burn bright and fade. Issue 2 is still in the first half of the limited series, but still. Hot damn is this a good book. The idea, the writing, the artwork. All simply amazing. There's a lot of hoopla with the New 52 and its billion ((read: 52)) titles and the X-Men's restructuring, but I dare say this is better than all of them. Even better than my beloved Spider-Man and his Spider-Island arc. There's a couple of titles that come close, but the graphical imagery and uniquely specific analogies that jump start your imagination long lost since childhood push this title to the top.

The issue begins with our titular character back from his recent 6 week exile due to the events of the last issue. Things are in a whirlwind of change with the school's populace fearing him, bullies leaving him alone, and his lady crush coming on to him like a cheap porno. This seems to be a mixed blessing because at one point, there is a sequence in which he not only violently dismembers his longtime tormentor, but also his best friend. Luckily it was a dream sequence, but it might be a preview of what's to come. It's quite possible that in time, these violent tendencies could take him over, or there could be an invisible force at work; Pushing him to darkness. The possibilities are endless, but for now he appears to fight for the side of the morally good and I have complete faith in this creative team to continue this series in spectacular fashion.

Quite simply, this is one of the best if not the best book out right now. The perfect blend of talents behind the book brings out the talent of Luther Strode. I recommend this book even higher than I originally recommended it and that was already at 5 stars. That's how good this book is. Unless you're squeamish at the sight of illustrated gore this is a book everyone should at least give a chance. You will not be disappointed


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