halfshellhero's The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 - The Strange Talent of Luther Strode review

Everyone's wished this just once

The idea that there's a secret method to building muscle and becoming Herculean overnight tucked away in old comics brings back a lot of memories. I actually remember reading comics with these kinds of ads in them as a kid and always wondered if they were true ((I never tried, but I'm willing to take a wager and say that they do not work)). The story plays out like you think it would: Bullied, nerdy kid in high school loves his mom deeply, has a best friend always trying to push him out of his comfort zone, and a random magical encounter with the girl of his dreams. However where I think this story shines is how Luther reacts to his new-found "talents." The expression on his face in the final panel of the issue leads you to believe that this is much more than it seems; Not to mention the mysterious group that appears in the middle of the book.

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