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Ken Connell's been toying with the notion now for 10 issues. The Star Brand has granted him abilities far beyond those of ordinary people. Now it's time to go public. Ken becomes a bonafide super-hero. He gets a costume and everything. Even Marvel Comics wants to license his likeness. Just look how happy he is on the cover. Don't worry, the good times won't last for long.

Debbie makes Ken a superhero costume, but he isn't sure he wants to go in that direction. He flies off to talk to Myron, who gives him a real talking-to. He tells Ken he's a loser who's happy with less than he can really achieve. Ken finally accepts that he's been living below his potential. He goes over his eternal confusion about the weird motives of the Old Man and the alien--why give him the Brand and then try to take it away? Were they the same being?

He flies back to Debbie and agrees to become a hero after all. Wearing a masked costume to preserve his secret identity, he saves a plane hijacked by terrorists, but no one believes he really has powers--they think it's some kind of trick. He flies to the moon and brings back the lunar module, landing on the White House front lawn, to prove himself.

Everyone's excited. Even Marvel comics wants to license him as a hero in their comics. However, a mystery man seems to know who Ken really is, and plans to blackmail him.

Meanwhile, Duck goes off to a hospital on her own, and finds out she's pregnant.

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