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Gilbert Graham on the night of the meteor crash.

Over 40 years ago, mild-mannered scientist Gilbert Graham became the original "Standard", the world’s first real life superhero in the world of The Standard . As a young scientist, Gilbert Graham was working late one night unaware of a meteor that had made its way into Earth's atmosphere.The impact devastated the laboratory, dousing Graham in chemicals and meteoric particles. Even though the impact should have killed him, there was not a scratch on him. From that day he became the legacy known as The Standard.


Gilbert Graham was created by Scottish writer John Lees.

Current Time Period

Gilbert Graham in his Chemistry class.

In the past, The Standard was the world’s greatest superhero. He later retired after 30 years of crime fighting to become a chemistry teacher in which gave Fabu-lad a shot to become the Standard. But when a catastrophic event brought his and the current's generations into collision, The Standard is forced out of retirement and see if superheroes still have a place in today’s cynical world.

Costume Description

Gilbert Graham as the Standard

Gilbert's costume consisted with the colors purple and gold throughout the costume. It has an iconic S in his chest as well as on the forehead. He has a golden cape as well as pointed shoulders. (See photo)

Second Generation

See Alex Thomas for the second Standard.

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