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The Stalk was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples and her first appearance is in Saga #2

Current Events

The Stalk meets Marko

The Stalk along with The Will is a bounty hunter for hire. She was the first person contracted to track down and kill Marko and Alana so she could kidnap their daughter Hazel. In her first encounter with the two fugitives she seriously injures Marko. Her contract stipulates that Hazel is to be brought back unharmed, so when Alana threatens to kill her daughter so The Stalk can't have her, they have a brief stand off.

This impasse is interrupted by the arrival The Horrors, a group of nightmares that haunt the forest. The Stalk is terrified and decides the best course of action is to retreat for the time being.

When we next see her she is being chased by a pack of wild boar. She calls up The Will and asks for his help as this assignment is turning out to be trickier then she expected. He flatly refuses. They obviously have a history because she asks him if he is still sore about the "Dortminster assignment". As she is talking on the phone she quickly kills the boar. She hangs up and returns to tracking down Hazel.

Prince Robot IV kills The Stalk

Later on she finds a lead when she comes across a platoon of Landfall soldiers that have been dispatched by Marko. She is looking for any clues of their whereabouts when she gets a call from The Will. His circumstances have changed and he is willing to help her now for a fifty-fifty split of the bounty. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Prince Robot IV. He demands to know what has happened to his soldiers, she tries to explain that she is an independent contractor who is in the middle of a bounty when he mistakenly assumes she is reaching for a weapon. He quickly fires hitting The Stalk full in the chest killing her instantly.

She re-appears in a dream of The Will having a big bad scar on her chest. As The Will's partner in crime she kills Mama Sun, who's owning and running the sex business on Sextillion, and helps freeing Slave Girl from captivity. During that dream The Will and The Stalk also enjoy a kiss that The Stalk finds gross afterwards. The dream is suddenly over when The Will is carrying Slave Girl in his arms when Slave Girl's eyes become the eyes of a lizard with an eerie look in her face and blood in her mouth.

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