mattamusprime's The Spirit #4 - Frostbite: Part One review

After a rousing first arc, The Spirit grinds to a halt

The First Wave launch of The Spirit has been a modern return to form for Central City’s red tie vigilante. The last arc had The Spirit facing off against a dangerous dame and it ended near perfectly. This new arc begins chillingly enough, but doesn’t have the same pizazz as you would think.

After a group of friends begin a party with a new drug named Frost, a young girl there begins to O.D., with her friends dumping her in an alleyway. The Spirit finds her, but is too late to save her, adding her to the long list of people dying from the new drug. Denny begins his investigation into who is pushing Frost and cleaning up his streets.

The arc starts out grimly and grimy enough, and I was hoping for a hard boiled investigation arc this time. Unfortunately, writer David Hine reveals a bit too much right off the bat in this issue, leaving the main motive of The Spirit to just stop the new drug. The issue does get to strut around Ebony has a bad ass chick and the black and white segment by Marv Wolfman at the end is well paced, but I’m not left wanting to know anything since the issue leaves no questions to ask. There’s still time and more issues of story to fill out, but this one feels a bit too premature.


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