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Punk Rock Girl

I didn't realize when I picked this up, that David Hine and Moriat were off the case. I am not going to lie. I panicked a little. But after the read, I can say, I will be picking up the next issue. The story seemed like a one-story kind of a deal (classic Eisner Style) and it was interesting enough to keep me flipping through the pages.

The female character's name is Alabaster Cream and The Spirit helps her out of a rut. Ms. Cream is being chased by some French art thieves, who have stolen her boss' comic art. The kicker is, he is dead and now she is on the lam, because she thinks the fuzz are after her. 

I am not sure about this artist and other comics he has done, but I was really thrown off, by how he captured certain profiles of The Spirit. Some panels, Spirit looked as though he was bloated from a heavy night of drinking and eating pizza (don't knock it till ya try it). But then the artist Sturges, totally redeemed himself by drawing some very sexy panels of Ms. Cream, while she was showing The Spirit some of her back tattoos. There is a message at the end and if you get it,  you will appreciate it. The cover is beautiful as always. Thanks, Ladronn. Worth a read.

Posted by B'Town

I am not reading this.  You have however have piqued me interested.  Your description of the art has grabbed me.  I am going to have to look into it now.  

Thanks for a fine review.

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