justice_warrior's The Spirit #1 - Ice Ginger Coffee review

The Spirit Lives!!!

As a fan of classic comics, i always am disappointed when I see a classic character fade into history. This is often the case, as time wounds all heroes. Or something like that. Anyways, when a character has gone into the dark abyss that is history, you rarely get to see them again. This is not the case in this scenario. Will Eisner's The Spirit, a popular character in the 40s, seemed to lose popularity with fans. Oh, yes there were still fans who longed for the classic hero. But the general consensus was that the Spirit was done. However, Darwyn Cooke decided that this was just not so. He brought him back. He resurrected a character that pretended to be dead? So, I guess the Spirit was never really gone. Well, now he's back, and better than ever. Read this.

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