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Not much is known about The Spider and where he came from, when he first appeared on the scene he was setting himself up as a criminal mastermind, recruiting villains for his upcoming plots.

First he rescued the safe-cracker Ordini from the Police, then he broke out the inventor Professor Pelham from a maximum security prison, filling then in on the details for a daring robbery.

The Spider's criminal career was however, very short lived, after a couple of failures he became disillusioned with his life of crime, and found that it was far more interesting to pit his wits against other criminals than it ever had been against the Police, he had always been rather too honourable to be a criminal in the first place, often being careful not to actually hurt anyone including cops.

The Spider, Pelham, and Ordini decided to become full time crime-fighters


The Spider was created by Ted Cowan and Reg Bunn for the anthology comic Lion, with him making his first appearance in the June 26th 1965 issue.

After his initial set of stories Ted Cowan left the character, and writing duties were handed over to Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman. Jerry Siegel worked on the character with Reg Bunn for most of his stories, creating many weird and wonderful characters and settings.


The Spider is a highly intelligent gadget-user, he has a gun which fires a steel-strong strand of webbing, a jet-pack, and enhanced strength and agility. He has also been known to be able to hypnotise people into hallucinating whatever he wants just by looking them in the eyes.

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