Why drink venom?

#1 Posted by amutant (280 posts) - - Show Bio

His comicvine page says he drinks spider venom. lol why?

#2 Edited by JonSmith (4162 posts) - - Show Bio

Because F*** YOU THAT'S WHY.

In actual fact, it's to gain a measure of immunity to all forms of venom.

Why he needs it, I don't know.

#3 Posted by amutant (280 posts) - - Show Bio

@jonsmith: Better safe than sorry I suppose. You never know when a gang of spiders are going to attack...

#4 Posted by Hit_Monkey (1210 posts) - - Show Bio

@amutant: He's faced villains in the past that use venom as a weapon. So he ingests it daily to build an immunity.

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