I want to read the spider.

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Are there good trades or stories.

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@thespideyguy: Yes. Liss is great at period pieces, see Marvel's Mystery Men for example. Even if this is a "modern" take on the Spider, the series retains its character's pulp roots.

Dynamite Entertainment is doing a great job revitalizing these pulp characters. The Shadow is another great series. Mark Waid is rebooting the Green Hornet in March. The Black Bat series is underway by Brian Buccellato.

Hopefully the Masks mini-series will become an ongoing series or it will be the launching point for other series of characters it featured like Miss Fury.

It is a great time to be a pulp hero fan.

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I forgot to mention The Black Beetle from Dynamite. That is another good pulp-style series.

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thanks !

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