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The Spectre begins his journey with the Journal of Judgement in order to redeem himself for irresponsibly ending a man's life and knocking Jim Corrigan unconscious. The Spectre must follow the request of the book in judging people. His first task is to judge two-bit magician Fredrilk Foost who has recently had a falling out with his partner Williard. At first, Foost appears to be a harmless and wandering performer but later enters into a blood pact with Beelzebub to acquire the Abraca-Doom and further his lacking magical abilities. The catch being that the Abraca-Doom cannot come with six feet of a similar relic called the Abraca-Death. Spectre realizes even though Foost has made a "deal with the devil" he is no villain. While touring Foost is commanded to perform in front of the royal family of Marlovia. Foost uses this situation to rid the country of it's evil dictator and help the country by assuming the role of Count Lagos and becoming the sovereign ruler of Marlovia. Spectre denies this as evil because Foost was only replacing the former evil ruler. While ruling Marlovia the neighboring country attacks. Foost responds by melting all the weapons on the battlefield such as tanks and guns. Spectre still chooses to prolong his judgement since he sees that Foost has committed no true evil in only defending his country. Foost is contacted by the Prime Minister of the country responsible for the attack and agrees to meet him only to find out the Prime Minister is none other than his former partner Williard. To make matters worst Williard had also entered into a deal with Beelzebub in order to acquire the Abraca-Death. Before they can realize it both Foost and Williard are destroyed and their spirits swept away by Beelzebub, permanently suspending the Spectre's judgement of their souls.

Shadow Show

Spectre chases down a young criminal named Hickey through the shadows.







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