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1st story: "Emergence"

2nd story; "Through the Window" featuring Nocturne

3rd story: "In Your Eyes" featuring the Black Crow

4th story: "Jaded Perceptions" featuring the Prowler

Following the conclusion of the Death of Vermin storyline in Spectacular Spider-Man 196, Dr. Kafka took in Baron Zemo’s disfigured mutates. And each day she works with them in hopes of someday reverting them back to human form. However, one of Zemo’s mutates elected not to undergo therapy and has since become a serial killer! An NYPD detective, Angela Cairn, is relentlessly pursuing the murdering mutate; but tragically one night the savage killer captures Angela and subjects her to Baron Zemo’s mutation machine! And in that terrifying moment Nocturne is born! What are this new creature’s powers? Will she become a force of good or a force of evil? The Spectacular Spider-Man is the first to clash with Nocturne over the skies of Manhattan! Can the web-slinger convince Nocturne to work with Dr. Kafka? Or will the winged vigilante go her own way?

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