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In the ravages of a New York snowstorm, Dagger is missing. Spider-Man and Black Cat join forces to find the super heroine, but will their pursuit prove fruitless? Mary Jane contemplates her place in Spider-Man's life, while Kingpin makes his next move.

Part 3 of 3. After the events of Amazing Spider-Man 258, the Spectacular Spider-Man returns to his red and blue costume! Now the web-slinger is ready to payback Silvermane and also rescue Dagger from the clutches of the Kingpin! The action is fast and furious at the crime lord's office tower! It's the Answer and the Kingpin vs. Silvermane vs. Cloak and Dagger vs. the Black Cat and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Who will live...and who will die? Meanwhile on a surprisingly snowy August afternoon in New York, Mary Jane contemplates the new direction of her friendship with Peter. Cameo appearances by Vanessa Fisk and the alien symbiote. 32 pages

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