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At the start of this issue, Spider-Man bursts into a social club, looking for the crime-boss Mr. Morgan, who hired the Hitman to kill him several issues ago. After taking out some of his thugs, Spider-Man confronts Morgan, saying that he's been busy recently, but now has had enough time to track down who hired the Hitman to kill him. Some more of Morgan's thugs burst in to stop Spider-Man, but Spider-Man sets Morgan in his chair, and rapidly spins it towards the thugs, effectively knocking them away using Morgan as a weapon. He then leaves, and changes into his civilian clothes, and starts walking towards the Daily Bugle.

Meanwhile, Flash Thompson has gone to the restaurant from the past few issues, where Sha Shan, a girl he loves from Vietnam, apparently works. Looking through the window, Flash sees Sha Shan, confirming that she's there, despite the owner of the restaurant having denied it. Now that he knows for sure that Sha Shan is there, Flash decides to do something about it, no matter what the cost. Unknown to Flash, the owner of the restaurant is watching him whilst he says this.

On a rooftop somewhere in Manhattan, Morbius the Living Vampire appears on a rooftop from nowhere, following the conclusion of the previous issue. Morbius shouts out, asking why he's been brought back to Earth whilst he's still a vampiric monster, and a mysterious voice tells him not to shout, before controlling Morbius's body. After searching for someone he can take blood from without anyone noticing, Morbius finds a lone newspaper vendor, with only one man there. However, before he can make his move, a truck arrives, and Morbius can't attack the man without being seen by the truck. The mysterious voice notices that Morbius has various emotions stirring inside him upon seeing a picture of Spider-Man on the truck, and so decides that Morbius will attack Spider-Man.

At the Daily Bugle, Glory Grant is working alone, looking at photos of Spider-Man, when Morbius arrives. He bursts in, and captures her. Down on the street, Peter Parker notices the shattering glass, and looks up just as Glory is kidnapped. When Glory asks Morbius why he's kidnapped her, Morbius replies that he's looking for Spider-Man, and that the Daily Bugle follows his actions carefully. When Glory tries to deny it, Morbius points out that she was looking at pictures of Spider-Man, and so must know how to contact him. Glory starts panicking, just as Spider-Man arrives and attacks Morbius. However, Morbius knocks Spider-Man down to the street, where he is hit by a truck and knocked into a pile of rubbish. Fortunately, Morbius doesn't attack Spider-Man, due to the mysterious voice controlling him, but goes back to attack Glory. Spider-Man is about to stop him once more, when he notices that his web shooters were damaged by being hit by the truck.

Morbius has just reached Glory when Spider-Man arrives and saves her, having climbed up the wall. The two then manage to escape back down the wall, whilst being watched by Morbius. Morbius says to the voice controlling him that he won't follow his command any more, as he takes pleasure from Morbius being unable to drink blood. The voice then says that Morbius will attack Spider-Man and Glory as much as it pleases him, as long as he, the Empathoid, commands.

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