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The story opens with Spidey nearly falling after his webbing goofs on him. But he grabs a building in the nick of time. It turns out Spider-Man is really sick this night. Meanwhile the Fantasic Four are visited by Martine Bandicroft and discuss the condition of Morbius who has contacted in letters to Mr. Fantastic and a professor Hans Jorgenson. Johnny Storm then runs out of the building during the meeting.

As he here's about Morbius he goes out as the HUman torch in search of Spider-Man. At that time Morbius is seen in and old building in where he has been resting since his last battle with Spider-Man. HE is also companied by Jefferson Bolt who Morbius has turned to a living vampire. Morbius then flies out into the night in search of a mna who might save him.

Hours later Spider-Man and Human Torch arrive at Jorgensons lab and discuss the issue of MOrbius. As they speak, the living vampire himself attacks a drunk bum sucking him of his blood. Spider-Man and Torch arrive to late. Spidey attacks him but Torch stops him because Spidey seems to be loosing it. This give Morbius the moment to grab a trash can and throw it at both Torch and Spider-Man. Torch blinds MOrbius with light and Spider tries to shot webs at him but Spidey is to ill to focus. Spider tries to attack him but a boy (Jefferson Bolt's brother) stops him thinking Morbius is normal. All of a sudden Jefferson Bolt and other vampires attack Torch but all of a sudden Morbius attacks Jefferson's brother. Jefferson tries to stop him but Morbius kills Jefferson and escapes.

Days later Spider-Man is cured of his illness and back in action.

Meanwhile is some dimension Morbius is being confronted by a mysterious foe.

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