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As Spider-Man tries to stop the Masked Marauder's Tri-Man robot, Daredevil faces off alone against the Marauder and his goons.

In the previous issue, Spider-Man was knocked off the window he was clinging to by the Masked Marauder's Tri-Man in its bird form, which is going to detonate a case of plutonium, thus destroying New York City. Although blind, Spider-Man manages to shoot a line of webbing to the Tri-Man by using his spider sense and hearing to find where it was. Whilst Spider-Man is carried off by the Tri-Man, Daredevil is still fighting the Masked Marauder and his thugs. He manages to dodge their gunfire and hit a power box which controls the lights in the room, leaving him completely in his element. With that, he is able to take out all of the Masked Marauder's men, leaving just the Marauder himself to be taken out. Unfortunately, the Marauder can see in the dark due to the infrared lenses in his mask, and so shoots Daredevil with his opti-blasts, which can also be applied as a physical force.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man has managed to reel himself in to the Tri-Man, which is still in its bird form and climbing higher and higher. Spider-Man manages to discover that the Tri-Man is a bomb whilst searching for the power source to the Tri-Man. At this point, Daredevil manages to knock the Masked Marauder's mask off by bouncing his billy club off the wall behind the Marauder whilst pretending to have been blinded by the Marauder. The Marauder then gets out a remote control, and presses it, announcing that the Tri-Man will explode upon impact. Fortunately, Spider-Man is still on the Tri-Man, and manages to destroy its power source before it explodes. Whilst Daredevil knocks out the Masked Marauder, Spider-Man guides the Tri-Man to Central Park, noting that his spider senses seem to have increased during his time blinded. Spider-Man is then confronted by police officers, but Daredevil arrives, and manages to convince them not to attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man is about to tell Daredevil of how his spider-sense has increased (making it similar to Daredevil's radar sense), when he suddenly realises that he can see again.

Spider-Man then heads to his apartment, and grabs his clothes through the window whilst his friends are their, investigating the mess that Carrion made in the previous issue. He then hides his Spider-Man costume in his rubbish bin, and goes inside his apartment to find the destruction, just like the rest of his friends. Hector Ayala offers for Peter to stay with him, and Peter accepts, agreeing to meet Hector after his last class at Empire State University. Peter is glad of this offer, as if the mysterious person who smashed up his apartment follows him, Hector can take care of himself as the White Tiger.

Going to the University library to meet Hector, Peter is shocked to find him knocked out, with a message of "Ashes to Ashes, Parker" written across his body in red dust. Peter is then attacked by Carrion, who reveals that he knows Peter's identity as Spider-Man. Carrion says that Peter is faster than he remembered, raising the question of when Peter fought him. Holly Gillis then steps in, looking for Hector, and instinctively turns the lights on. Peter's eyes are still weak after recovering from being blind, and the light stuns him long enough for Carrion to grab him by the throat and start choking him.

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