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At the end of the previous issue, the Masked Marauder managed to hit Spider-Man with his opti-blasts, rendering Spider-Man blind. With Spider-Man still in shock from what happened, the Masked Marauder hits hit with his blasts several times, saying that he's increased his powers so that the shock from his opti-blasts delivers to the optic nerve is no longer temporary, but quite permanent. Spider-Man is then attacked by the Tri-Man, and although he is able to prevent himself being crushed by using his spider-sense to escape, he can't see where he lands, and ends up spraining his ankle.

It looks like Spider-Man is about to be defeated, but fortunately one of the Masked Marauder's men comes in and tells the Marauder that the cops are coming. The Marauder then tells his men to make a getaway with him, and leaves Spider-Man, thinking that blind he can't be a threat to him. Unknown to him, Spider-Man throws a spider-tracer in the direction of the Marauder's voice, which successfully sticks there. The Masked Marauder and his gang manage to get away by using the Tri-Man to distract the police whilst they are taken into a helicopter, before flying off.

Spider-Man emerges from the bank a minute later, and the police assume that he's in league with the Masked Marauder. Spider-Man blindly shoots out with his webbing, and is successful in covering the police officers so that they can't stop him. He then blindly swings away, but with no idea where he's going or what he can do whilst blinded.

At Peter Parker's apartment, Betty Brant arrives to see if Peter's okay, since he was supposed to call her the previous night. She meets up with Mary Jane Watson, who is also coincidentally visiting at the same time. The two of them start arguing at first, as both like Peter, before being told by Peter's landlady that Peter hasn't been home all night. The two then head up to Peter's apartment, not knowing that the mysterious Carrion is within.

Spider-Man is still blindly swinging around, frustrated and worried that his sight hasn't started to return yet. As he keeps going, he hears a police car's radio in the street below, saying that he is a suspect in the Masked Marauder's robbery. Elsewhere in the city, Daredevil also hears the report, and decides to investigate it, as he knows that Spider-Man's no criminal. When Daredevil finds Spider-Man and talks to him, Spider-Man's spider sense tingles, and he instinctively takes a step back, falling off of the edge of the building he's on.

Daredevil's radar sense reveals to him that Spider-Man stepped off the building, and that his heart is pounding as if he is scared, but Daredevil doesn't know why. As Spider-Man shoots out wildly with his webbing, Daredevil realises that Spider-Man is falling to his death, and is able to save him. He then asks Spider-Man what's wrong, and Spider-Man tells Daredevil that he's become blind.

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