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At the start of this issue, the Masked Marauder, the current leader of the Maggia, asks an unknown person why that person claims to be able to stop Spider-Man whilst their resources can't. The man, revealed to be someone called Carrion, says that he knows more about Spider-Man than Spider-Man himself does, and that he wants him crushed and destroyed more than the Maggia can guess.

Since Carrion isn't giving straight answers, the Masked Marauder orders the Maggia to kill him, as he could be a danger to them. However, when the Maggia's thugs attack Carrion, he easily dispatches of most of them with a mysterious red dust, which kills the men it touches almost instantaneously. When shot at by the last thug, the bullet simply goes through Carrion, and Carrion displays super-strength upon taking out the thug. The Masked Marauder then tries getting rid of Carrion by activating a trap door, but Carrion levitates above it, before teleporting away.

As Spider-Man swings around the city, he wonders what's going wrong with his life, as Mary Jane doesn't want to marry him, but Betty Brant does, despite having married Ned Leeds recently. He then thinks about how there are new heroes like Nova appearing, and that soon there might not be a place for Spider-Man. He also doesn't have teammates to fall back on, as the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four does. He then leaves, wondering what he'll do should this ever happen.

Meanwhile, the White Tiger sees a group of thugs stealing a car, and runs over and stops them. However, upon defeating most of them, he asks the remaining thug why they did it. The thug replies that the car belonged to a drug pusher who was dealing dope to his gang, and was trying to scare him off. The drug dealer then turns up, and thanks the White Tiger for stopping them, but White Tiger attacks him just as much.

A Maggia truck drives up to a bank, and after taking out a guard with gas, the back of the truck opens, and the Tri-Man flies out in its bird form. Some Maggia men also get out, and the Masked Marauder orders them to disable the alarms whilst the Tri-Man goes to the vaults. Spider-Man is swinging nearby, and notices this, so goes down and starts taking out the Maggia men. However, he hears the Tri-Man exploding the vault's door off, and so runs into the vault, closely followed by the Masked Marauder, who is silently watching him.

When Spider-Man reaches the vaults, the Tri-Man changes to its human form, and Spider-Man starts fighting it. The Masked Marauder then breaks in, and Spider-Man looks at him upon hearing his voice. However, the Masked Marauder fires some opti-blasts at Spider-Man, and Spider-Man shouts out that he's become blind.

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