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Spider-Man returns to Manhattan by clinging onto the smokestacks of a tugboat, following his recent fight with the Kingpin (in Amazing Spider-Man #164). He then goes to Curt Connors' apartment, and returns the taser-type device which he borrowed from Curt for his fight against the Kingpin. However, as he leaves, Curt starts to feel weak, and is forced to leave the room. Elsewhere, a mysterious man with two tigers on leads enters a house, only to be attacked by the Tarantula, whom Spider-Man fought in the previous issue. The mysterious man is revealed to be Kraven the Hunter, and both he and the Tarantula fight until they are told to stop by a man hidden in shadows. The man explains that Kraven has been hired to help Tarantula, not replace him, as Tarantula failed to kill the mayor in the previous issue. The man then tells Kraven and the Tarantula that they have to find and kidnap school chancellor Richard Gorman.

Peter Parker goes to visit his Aunt May, and is enjoying the visit when Anna May Watson comes in, and he remembers that there's been some tension between him and Mary Jane recently. Peter then leaves Aunt May and Anna. At Empire State University, both Kraven and Tarantula are on the school roof, preparing for the kidnapping and arguing with each other when they're spotted by a guard. Although Kraven's tigers manage to knock out the guard, they accidentally activate the air conditioning system, which inadvertantly alerts Chancellor Gorman that something's happening. Kraven and the Tarantula burst in a moment later, and Kraven throws a net over Gorman to stop him escaping. The two then head up to the roof, pursued by guards, but the guards are held off by Kraven's tigers long enough for Kraven and the Tarantula to escape.

With Glory Grant still looking for a job, Peter takes her to the Daily Bugle to replace Betty Brant's former job as J. Jonah Jameson's secretary. Although Glory is somewhat scared of Jonah from what she's heard from Peter, she comes out of his office a minute after entering and tells Peter that she's successfully scored a job, much to Peter's surprise. Peter then sees a news report reporting on Gorman's kidnapping, and changes to Spider-Man to search for clues. At Gorman's house, Spider-Man encounters Kraven the Hunter, who engages him in a fight. As their fight goes on, the two end up on a building covered in neon lights. Kraven manages to get a knife to Spider-Man's throat, and is about to stab him when Spider-Man dodges, causing Kraven to hit a light and electrocute himself into unconsciousness. Meanwhile, the Tarantula is taken out by his employer, since he's worked out his employer's identity and knows too much.

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