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At the start of this issue, Montana and Fancy Dan, of the Enforcers, are kicking around a tied-up Spider-Man in a warehouse. After the two have finished beating him up, Spider-Man falls over. To Montana and Fancy Dan's surprise, the Ox then steps through the door of the warehouse, followed by a mysterious glowing figure. The Ox then rips "Spider-Man" in half, and it's revealed that it's only a practice dummy. The glowing figure then tells Montana and Fancy Dan to welcome their newest member, who has been recruited to replace the old Ox after the old one fell in battle (in Daredevil #86). The glowing figure then tells the Enforcers that Spider-Man is going to die with him leading them.

At the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson asks Peter Parker for the pictures of Spider-Man battling Iceman, which occurred last issue in Los Angeles. Although Peter was able to get photos of the fight, his camera was smashed in the process, and he's forced to lie to Jonah. He then runs out of the room as Jonah starts yelling at him, and gets on a bus. Unknown to Peter, just next to the bus is a car containing the Enforcers.

At a coffee shop near Empire State University, Hector Ayala and his girlfriend Holly Gillis walk in and join Flash Thompson and Sha Shan, who are reading a letter sent to them by Razorback, whom assisted Flash and Spider-Man several issues ago. The Enforcers then unexpectedly burst in, and say that they're holding everyone captive so that Spider-Man will come to save them. Hector is planning on changing to the White Tiger, but when Holly finds out that he's going to risk his life, she begs him not too in case he gets hurt, and Hector reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker has just turned up, and finds out about the situation from a police officer. Upon finding out that the Enforcers are after Spider-Man, Peter runs off and changes to Spider-Man, and then bursts in through the skylight of the coffee shop. With the Enforcers distracted, the hostages all run out of the shop, with the exception of Hector, so that he can become the White Tiger and help Spider-Man if he needs it. However, as Spider-Man starts literally throwing the Enforcers around, Hector thinks that the White Tiger will probably not be needed.

The glowing figure that orders the Enforcers is meanwhile watching the news report on television, and is intrigued by the fact that Spider-Man entered unseen by the Enforcers or the crowd outside. He then starts to wonder if Spider-Man was inside the coffee shop all along. Shortly after this thought, Spider-Man succeeds in knocking out all three Enforcers. Hector then approaches Spider-Man, and congratulates him on his victory, as a test to see if Spider-Man recognises him as the White Tiger from when they fight together. Spider-Man doesn't, and tells Hector that he can tell the police that it's okay to come inside, before leaving through the skylight.

The glowing figure watches Hector tell the police that the Enforcers are defeated due to Spider-Man, and the figure, revealed to be Lightmaster, decides that Hector must be Spider-Man.

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