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At the start of this issue, Spider-Man is swinging around when he sees a lone policeman on a motorbike. He tries to help, but before he can do anything, the policeman lands his motorbike on top of the car as it goes into a freeway section below his. The car is about to go over the edge, but fortunately Spider-Man manages to stop it with his webbing in time, saving the police officer whilst stopping the car at the same time. The next day, Peter Parker goes into the Daily Bugle with some pictures of the event, pleasing Robbie Robertson. J. Jonah Jameson is also pleased with the story, and decides to do a follow up story on the officer, whose name is Joe Macone. Jonah then sends Peter to go to Macone's house to get some photos, and Peter goes off to do so.

When Peter arrives at the house, he finds Macone in an argument with his wife, who thinks that he's too reckless when on duty, and that he's going to die one day in the field. Peter then takes the photos of the two, and then leaves when the photo shoot is over. As he leaves, he thinks about how he's never realised how hard the families of the police have it. Meanwhile, a man disguised as a police officer enters a mysterious building, and tells his boss that an item is at the Midtown West police station. The boss is then revealed to be the Beetle, who then orders all of his men to go on a carefully planned crime spree. This causes enough of a diversion that all of the policemen at the station are sent out to stop the crimes, with the exception of Joe Macone, who has been ordered to stay behind and have a rest from all of his usual action.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker's spider sense starts tingling, and he changes to Spider-Man so that he can go and find out what's causing it to tingle. He successfully stops a bus from being robbed by gunmen, before his spider-sense tingles once more and he heads to a nearby police station. At the police station, the Beetle has broken in to get his mysterious object, without knowing that he's being followed by Joe Macone. He finds a briefcase in the evidence room, and opens it to see that it's filled with pencils and envelopes. However, he says that everything is as it should be, raising the question of why he wants it. Spider-Man then bursts in, and starts fighting the Beetle. After it looks like Spider-Man might be defeated by the Beetle, Macone, watching the fight, attacks the Beetle, but is easily defeated. His heroism gives Spider-Man the idea of clogging the Beetle's feelers with his web-fluid, thus allowing Spider-Man to stop the Beetle.

The next day, at a special ceremony, Macone reveals that the briefcase the Beetle was trying to steal had a false bottom, and that below that was a million dollars in cash, hence why the Beetle wanted to steal it.

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