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After confronting Spidey and the Green Goblin in this month's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Hobgoblin seeks out S'ym, lord of Limbo's demons and mastermind of the Inferno. But what price will S'ym exact for Hobgoblin's request of ultimate power?


Hobgoblin is a raged-angry mood fling threw the city after his battle with the Green Goblin for the forula. During the flight, Hobgoblin is attacked by some demons because of this Inferno crisis. After defeating the demons He then looks at the Empire State building which is now under demon control. He yells out...

Hobgoblin: You picked the wrong man to attack this day creatures! Whatever you want--whatever you'vedone to the Empire State Building and the rest of this city is no concern of mine as long as you leave me alone! "Dressed like Demon" Indead! As is I'd want to be one of you! One of you...I wounder..

As the city gets attacked by demons, Spider-Man is tossed into a building by a wind demon. Spidey grabs on to a gragoyle at the last minute but the gargoyle turns out to be a demon and bits Spider-Man. Spider-Man falls wounded to the ground and goes to the Daily Bugle where Jameson is defending the building, for safty. As Spider-MAn enters the building he collapses.

Elsewhere, demons are attacking Mary-Jane at her photo shot. As demon attacks a man, Mary-Jane smashes the demon with a pipe and the demon explodes.

Meanwhile Green goblin is fighting a water demon. And Joe Robertson is fighting off crazed New Yorkers.

Back at the Empire State Building, Hobgoblin tells the demons guarding the gate that he wants to see thier master and wants to make a deal. Hobgoblin confronts N'astirh. He says that he will see his soul to N'astirh for the powers of a demon. N'astirh laughs and says that his soul is disgusting. He then blasts Hobgoblin miles away into the air.

Back at the Bugle, Both Spider-Man and Jonah and the other workers at the Bugle persue in a massive fight against the demons. After the battle Spidey still wounded from the bit falls again.

Meanwhile at a distant swamp, Hobgoblin wakes up. He takes off his Hobgoblin mask and sees that his face as been turned into a demon.

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