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At the start of this issue, Peter Parker and Flash Thompson are playing tennis in Central Park, and both have their individual problems. Flash is annoyed and saddened that Sha Shan is married (as he found out several issues ago), whilst Peter is worried since his arm is still injured after receiving a bullet wound a few days ago (in Amazing Spider-Man #173). As they keep playing, Flash keeps getting more and more annoyed, to the point that he almost knocks out Peter with the tennis ball. However, he soon apologises for taking his anger out on Peter, and offers to buy Peter a drink. A moment later, Peter and Flash both notice a strange group of people, all chanting that they the Legion of Light, and all with a strange, trance-like expression.

The group go to the bandshell in the middle of the park, and Flash suggests to Peter that the two of them see what it's about. Peter makes an excuse to leave, and then changes to Spider-Man, as his spider sense has started tingling around the group. Flash watches the Legion of Light, and decides that it's nothing interesting as the leader of the group, Brother Power, starts talking about light and love. However, as Flash is turning to leave, Brother Power introduces his associate, Sister Sun. When Flash hears her voice, he realises that it's Sha Shan, and thinks that she's has been forced into this, and so tries fighting through the crowd to get to her. Brother Power then asks for Sha Shan to grab his hand, and she reluctantly does so. Upon the two holding hands, a ray of light shoots out from the emblem on both their chests, and knocks Flash out.

Spider-Man then arrives, and tries to get Flash to safety. However, the rays that Brother Power and Sister Sun shoot out are too much, and Flash is knocked out. The two then try attacking Spider-Man, but he correctly guesses that the two can only use their power when in contact with each other, and separates the two. He knocks off Brother Power's mask and is surprised to see that it's Sha Shan's husband, before starting to fight with him. Even though he should have the advantage, the police arrive at that moment, and Spider-Man's forced to flee with Flash before anything worse can happen. Upon the police questioning Brother Power, he explains that they're a peaceful religious organisation, and that they're legally allowed to be there. The police are forced to agree and so leave.

Changing back to his civilian identity, Peter Parker takes Flash to his apartment to recuperate, before going to Empire State University. There, he talks to the head of the Sociology department, and asks him questions about the Legion of Light. He's told that Achmed Korba, who he knows as Brother Power, started the cult after encountering a mysterious light in the Vietnamese jungle, which gave him the power to shoot out light beams, but only when in contact with someone of purity and innocence, so as not to abuse his power. Achmed was given this power to carry out the message of light and love throughout the world, and so came to New York, and started the Legion of Light. Peter then heads back to his apartment, where he finds a note from Flash saying that he thinks Sha Shan has been forced into the Legion, and is going to confront her husband.

Spider-Man finds Flash at Achmed's restaurant, where Achmed himself is attacking Flash for not listening to him. Spider-Man climbs through the window, planning to stop it, but is knocked out of the window and into the alley below. A dark shadow then starts to approach him.....

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