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Following a recent battle with the Sinister Syndicate, Spider-Man is suffering from a concussion. He is no condition for web-slinging and returns to his apartment by foot. Where Mary-Jane informs him that she has a party organized, inviting many of their friends and colleagues.

In a nearby hospital, a wounded Sabretooth is recovering from his recent defeat. A doctor has a theory on how to cure him from his savagery. Victor isn't interested. He rages against all those people who once defeated him and swears vengeance. He kills the doctor and then goes on a rampage. He has kept a torn piece of Spidey's uniform, which will allow him to track his enemy.

Sabretooth is pursued by several cops all the way to the Peter Parker's apartment building. Police pursue him but easily fall to his attacks. Certain that Spidey is in the building but unable to locate him in a crowd, Sabretooth yells for his opponent to come out. Threatening to kill hostages. Peter has no idea how to handle the situation.

But Sabretooth has attracted the attention of another old foe, the Black Cat. She wants a rematch after her recent humiliating beating at his hands. The result is a brutal battle where both opponents are prove their ruthlessness. A wounded Felicia claims victory by re-opening the wounds of her opponent, grabbing his head and repeatedly smashing his face on the pavement. Both victor and loser are escorted to a hospital.

Peter is impressed that Felicia risked her life for him, and even Mary-Jane is impressed. They are both unaware that she is currently conspiring with the Foreigner, and faced Sabretooth to test her own skills.

Note:The voice of Sabretooth is described as that of a humanoid lion growling.

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