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There are two creatures known as "the Spawn of Frankenstein" that have existed in DC history. Neither have any known connection to the other.

First Spawn of Frankenstein

The first was created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who abandoned him once he felt feelings of revulsion. His journey's would lead him to having people treat him with violence, hatred, and fear. He would later seek vengeance against humanity and towards his creator. His journey would lead him to the Arctic where he would find the corpse of Doctor Frankenstein. The Arctic would place him in suspended animation until Doctor Victor Adams would awaken him. During this time period he would come to blows against the Young All-Stars in the Arctic.

Dr. Adam's wife would call upon Dr. Terrence 13. Dr. Adam's was using Dr. Frankenstein methods with laser technology. The laser was overloaded with lightning that killed Dr.Adams and placed Dr. 13's wife in acoma.The building began to collapse and the creature held the beams up long enough for the 13's and Dr. Adam's wife to escape. They blamed the creature and the creature wanted revenge for being resurrected. This brought The Phantom Stranger into the battle. The creature decided to live in solitude and has not been seen since.

Second Spawn of Frankenstein

In 1959, SHADE scientists successfully create a clone son for Frankenstein and Lady Frankenstein by combining their patchwork DNA. As Father Time shows it to the couple, it wakes up and, scared, attacks the Bride. Frankenstein shoots the child in the head. While Frankenstein and his Bride mourn their child, SHADE secretly kept it in stasis as a weapon.

Decades later, following the Humanids rebelling after Brother Eye infiltrates the SHADEnet, Nina Mazursky's failed attempts at creating Creature Commandos are unleashed. Along with these creatures, the Spawn of Frankenstein is also released. It travels to Castle Frankenstein deep in Europe's mountains afterwords. When Frankenstein and the Bride confront it, Frankenstein attempts to reason with his son. Instead, his son begs him to kill him then attacks him. The Bride ultimately runs her child through with Frankenstein's sword, killing him. She then leaves SHADE in disgust at the organization for having kept her child as a weapon for decades. Following the revelation at SHADE keeping the Spawn, Ray Palmer decides to deliver his report on SHADE to the UN, requesting funding being cut due to severe breaches of ethics.

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