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A group of American troops were grateful when, on finding themselves outnumbered and pinned down my German soldiers, where saved by what they thought were a whole squad Allied riflemen, they were surprised then their rescuer turned out to be one lone man. To their greater surprise this man, who would not give his name but insisted on only be addressed as The Sniper, was revealed to be not a man in uniform, but dressed in what looked like a play on the traditional garb of Robin Hood.

While thought a loon, they could not deny his expertise with a Springfield rifle. Disappearing The Sniper would turn up again and again on the battle fields of Europe airing American troops in trouble, he never gave his name.

Before long he stopped showing up, it being assumed he had ether been killed or perhaps even come to his senses.

And then he started turning up in the Pacific Theater performing the same sort of amazing feats he had distinguished himself with Europe.

No one ever found out who is was, or what happened to him after the war.

The Sniper was foremost a crack marksman with a gun. He was also multilingual and adept at impersonating various European accents. He would often forewarn his targets of his attack by sending them a bullet bearing his name.

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