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Hatch-22 hailed from an alternate future in which human beings have evolved into nearly unrecognizable forms and live beneath Earth's surface in numbered "hatches." In that future, the "Sixth Era of Man," Hatch-22 apparently battled and destroyed a massive creature with the power to ravage planets.

In the course of a struggle between Princess Zanda and Abner Little of the " Collectors," Hatch-22 was drawn to the present by one of the artifacts known as King Solomon's Frogs.

Hatch-22 angrily demanded to be returned to "the hatch" in his own time, and telekinetically attacked everyone nearby. Zanda's mercenaries attacked the strange being in response, and Hatch-22 proceeded to demolish her forces. The Black Panther, thinking quickly, began doing push-ups in front of the "Six-Million-Year Man", claiming it was a form of greeting. The Six-Million-Year Man was fascinated enough by this to drop his guard. The Panther then swiftly knocked him out with a punch. The Panther prevented Zanda from simply killing Hatch-22, whose dreams and memories were projected as lifelike images, telling T'Challa and his allies where he had come from, and what his future was like. Hatch-22 nearly revived, but Little shot him with a chemical pellet that diffused his mental processes. Hoping to return Hatch-22 home without further incident, Zanda, the Panther, and Little set off to find a matching Frog in King Solomon' tomb to complete the time-travel mechanism.

Executing a less-than-perfect crash landing, T'Challa accidentally set Hatch-22 free in the fiery blaze. Still dazed by the chemical, he began destroying everything in sight. When the Black Panther found himself in a losing battle with one of the tomb's robotic guardians, Little lured Hatch-22 to the scene, where the future man destroyed the robot. However, Hatch-22 then attempted to kill them all. At the last moment, the Panther found the second frog and sent Hatch-22 back to his proper era. Years later, on a mission to Kiber Island to retrieve one of King Solomon's Frogs, T'Challa, along with his allies Nightshade, Princess Zanda, Mr. Little, and Everett K. Ross, were briefly engaged by Hatch-22, who had been summoned forth again by the frog, but T'Challa quickly knocked him unconscious. With the frog recovered, Hatch-22 was again returned to his own time.

Powers and Abilities

Hatch-22 is shown to have the abilities of telekinesis and ray blasts. He also has a hidden eye on the back of his head which projects a heat blast capable of disintegrating objects. While unconscious, he was able to project his dreams and memories with ectoplasm.

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