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The first three villains introduced are ordinary criminals in the back of a police transport vehicle. The vehicle is struck by the unusual lightning which kills the police inside but grants Bard, Paralys and Soren Claus unusual mutations like super strength and electrical control.

Channel 6 news reporter, J.J. Waterston gets the exclusive footage. She spots the villains and a costumed crusader. She thinks the hero is someone in a Halloween costume but really, it's The Sire.

Don Wright was the regular guy, too lazy to really succeed in the world, when he acquired a special suit. Readers don't see the suit's origin or how Don came upon it, but it's revealed that once he put it on, there was no way to take it off. The suit has a sentience of its own, making Don agile, self confident, and super strong. He appears to have extra stamina and all the other basic hero necessities. Don became The Sire once he put on the suit.

When The Siphon enters the scene, he fills in some of the mystery about the suit. The Siphon is millionaire mogul Samuel Antonetti who was in a warehouse working on a plan. Somehow that plan involved the suit and it was interrupted by Don Wright.







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