What If Your Favorite Heroes Lived In The Simpsons' World?

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Have you seen this image before?  There's a really cool site you might want to check out.  Springfield Punx.  Imagine your favorite comic book characters lived and fought in the Simpsons' world.  Would the world be a safer place if we all lived in the Simpsons' world?  Who would you like to see as a Simpsons character?  Can you name all of the characters in the image above?

Here's the latest pic at Springfield Punx.

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Deadpool looks soooo cute!

They have TMNT, aload of randomers and
No Emma!?

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His Watchmen Pic was my background for quite a while

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Marty McFly is in that picture.......BADASS

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Lol there was a time when i used those for my avatars!

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the one black guy the pull is Luke Cage?  No storm or BP. Well whatever. I guess this is good for what it is

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There's 2 Jokers. The Caeser Romero Joker and the Heath Ledger Joker. This is cool, especially the Simpson's Deadpool.

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The Flames suck.

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They even have the Master Chief Simpson! - Great stuff

And I just found it now, their own Dwight Schrute!

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there are 2 batman

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Actually, I think there are 3 Batman drawings.  Any way to see a larger version of this anyplace?  Went to the link, no dice.  I see Heroes characters, Napoleon Dynamite, James Bond, Craig Ferugson, Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, Letterman, but I don't get who is next to Luke Cage/Power Man.  Or Ms. Marvel?  Is it Sylar or Neil Gaiman?  The angry rabbit standing next to Penguin?  Harvey from the Jimmy Stewart movie?  The little blue character I can BARELY see that isn't Dr. Manhattan, it's next to Wonder Woman. ?  Wish this was bigger. 

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Wow why out of all people do they have napoleon dynamite?

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That looks so cool! I like the mix of all the characters - Letterman and Dwight from The Office!!

#13 Posted by Kurrent (14070 posts) - - Show Bio
Bergquist said:
there are 2 batman
I see 3
#14 Posted by Neobamboom (20 posts) - - Show Bio

ahahahahah! I love Thor!

#15 Posted by Media_Master (2189 posts) - - Show Bio


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Decept-O said:
Actually, I think there are 3 Batman drawings.  Any way to see a larger version of this anyplace?  Went to ... [more]

1) I don't know
2) Neo from the Matrix dude!
3) HARVEY?! Are you JOKING?! That's Frank the bunny man, from Donnie Darko (don't take it personally, I just really like that movie)
4) I had a guess, but if it's wrong (which it very well may be) it would be really embarrassing, so I'm not going to say it.
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haha is that Hiro from Heroes?

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I would love to an episode where Spidey's chasing down Rhino to the coast, by way of Springfield.  Bart gets another idea to post a video on the internet and tries to film the new Spider-Man movie based on an actual fight Spidey's actually having in Springfield.  Then, Homer "Hulks up" and it's over with.  With guest star Calgary Flames' star, Jerome Iginla.

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Anderson: Agent of SMITH said:
Decept-O said: Actually, I think there are 3 Batman drawings.  Any way to see a larger version of this anyplace?  ... [more]

'S allright, never saw Donnie Darko, so it was the only 7 foot tall rabbit that I knew about.  Now I will have to see Donnie Darko, because I am curious.
   Make a guess!  I did, I've no clue who that blue character is.....
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EisforExtinction said:
The Flames suck.
Agreed! Why is Iginla in there?!
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awesome site!

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I have found my new desktop background.

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@BlackJew :
yep thats wat it looks like him and his friend LOL!!!!
who is the guy with the hocky uniform on?
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This is so awesome!!!! my two favorite things in the world combined

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Heheh, that's pretty neat.

The Englander said:
This is so awesome!!!! my two favorite things in the world combined
Two of my favorite things that got combined was Marge Simpson and breast implants... they gave me just a taste, then took it away.
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I would die LMAO!!!!!!

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