New Simpsons trailer

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I literally had snot fly out of my nose when Bart hit the window (when the Flanders were praying before their meal of burgers). Sure I'm getting over being sick and have a slight runny nose, but it still cracked me up. This movie looks epic. I know there's a bunch of Simpson hate'as who seem to think Family Guy is the definition of comedy but I still love the Simpsons.

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HAH! That totally ruled!!! I didn't realize they released that new trailer yet. Thanks, G!!!

And I love the FAmily Guy too. Simpsons is still the best, though I haven't watched it the past 4 or 5 years (new ones I mean), cause to me they're just not the same. The humor changed and each episode is one super long forced joke. But this trailer pumped me up for the movie. Looks great. Even the animation looks super crisp.

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And to see it on the big screen. That's gonna be something.

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