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1st story: "Worlds Without End!"

The Silver Surfer still wishes for his freedom from Earth and thinks of Shalla Bal. He returns to Al Harper's house and begins to look at the physicists notes. It suddenly dawns on him that he can pass the speed of light and go back in time before the barrier was placed around the planet. He does so but finds himself in the future instead.

Earth's future is bleak. No life remains and the planet is in shambles. He returns home to Zenn-La only to find the same there as well. He manages to find a planet that has primitive life. They claim they will take him to the Overlord for a reward. The Surfer does not resist and is captured.

The Overlord is curious as to how another human survives and wishes to know how the Surfer came to be. The Overlord is responsible for all the destruction and has conquered and obliterated the entire universe, keeping few alive to be his slaves. The Surfer attacks him and is defeated. He is taken away to be disposed of.

The man responsible for his termination just happens to be the last survivor of Zenn-La and has heard of the Surfer. He rescues him and tells him how the Overlord came to be and how he has destroyed all life in the universe. They are caught by the Overlord and the Zenn-Lavian is killed. But the Surfer has an idea how to save the universe. He travels the opposite direction and goes back in time.

He stops the accident that caused the Overlord's father to eventually lead to his mutant son's birth. The Surfer now travels back to his own time, where he remains trapped on Earth.

2nd story: "The Unsuspecting"

It’s the end of another busy day and people are leaving work to get home. Many are looking forward to watching their TVs with their family. Unknown to all an alien space ship disguised as a cloud hovers above Earth. The aliens, transparent humanoid shape-shifters made of gas, are planning an invasion. A number of scouts are sent to spy on humans to determine the best form to take for a successful invasion. The spies take the form of gas and enter households all over Earth, watching families watching TV. On their return, the spies state they have discovered the perfect shape to take to brainwash humans and turn them into slaves. The aliens are confident that their plan will work even if it takes centuries as time is meaningless to them. They are so confident that no one will ever suspect their plan they send it to an Earth magazine called The Silver Surfer to prove their point! Sometime later a father and son are reading an issue of Silver Surfer and wonder how the Marvel Bullpen keep coming with so many far out ideas for alien invaders? Meanwhile an ominous gas enters their house and takes the shape of their TV set…

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