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The Silver Surfer wishes to walk amongst the humans once again. While he is having clothes made for him he remembers his friends the Fantastic Four. He thinks that maybe they can help him escape the planet.

He travels to the Baxter Building where he finds the Fantastic Four with a general of the US Army. He wants them to capture the Surfer for him. The Surfer overhears this and thinks that his friends have betrayed him. He flees but the Human Torch follows.

The Torch tells him that he just wants to talk but the Surfer will not listen. Too many times has he been fooled and betrayed. The Surfer continues to evade the Torch. He finally is cornered and knocks the Torch unconscious. But he lands on the train tracks with a train approaching. He uses his power to save Johnny.

As the army approaches he soon finds that the Four did not betray him and that the army only wanted his help for the space program. He cannot figure if he was too human or not human enough in his actions.

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