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In England, witches and warlocks gather to summon wraiths through their witchcraft. But Nigel, the Warlock Prime desires more. He needs to accomplish a feat so great that the world will bow to them.

The Silver Surfer is meanwhile trying to escape the barrier that holds him to Earth once again. The concussion knocks him out and a meteor hits him, bringing him to Earth. This is noticed by Nigel, who follows the omen. He takes the unconscious Surfer back to his mansion. They plan to give witchcraft a good name once again by using it to kill the Surfer.

When the Surfer awakens they give him some drink, which is really a potion. The Surfer passes out once again and they take him to where they do their rituals by Stonehenge. Their potion cannot kill the Surfer so they plan to summon one who can. That person turns out to be the Abomination. He has no interest in serving the warlock and leaves, continuing his plan of world domination.

The Surfer awakens and uses his power to save the warlock from death. He asks the Surfer to stop Abomination but the Surfer refuses. He leaves only to find the towns nearby in utter ruin. He discovers that this is the doing of Abomination.

He challenges the monster and is surprised by the creatures speed and strength. He leaves the Surfer weak and aching from one mighty blow. The Surfer regains his composure and attacks Abomination once again. He uses his power to still the fury inside of Abomination and puts him to sleep.

He brings Abomination back to the witches and tells them to return him to where he was before.

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