carnivalofsins00's The Shade #1 - Birthday review

Pick of the Week Review- The Shade #1

My pick of the week review for October 12. The Shade #1 of 12. Written by James Robinson with pencils by Cully Hamner.


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    Melancholia 0

    The Good: Tony Harris knows how to draw a damn cover. There's an indeterminable amount of boundless chaos lurking just beyond our perception. Recognizable for what it is, but hard to make out properly. Everything centers around a face, The Shade I may presume? Well this IS called 'The Shade.' Overall, it's visually stunning. Cully Hamnner's art is fantastic here. Cartoony in all the right ways, his action sequences are energetic as hell, with a superb sense of flow, and the panel layouts as abso...

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    October Brings Melancholy 0

    The Story: Someone wants Shade dead and sends Deathstroke after him. My Thoughts:I'm new to the character of Shade. I've heard great things about him and decided to give this series a shot. So going into this issue I knew nothing about him. After finishing this first issue, I'd have to say James Robinson didn't do the greatest job introducing Shade to newer readers. Robinson is one of my favorite writers so I'm sure in time he'll deliver everything I'm looking for but the New 52 is suppose to be...

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