matkrenz's The Shade #1 - Birthday review

September 1st 1942 was when he first appeared.

Review for Shade #1 of 12.

The Story: A secret agent is chased by a bunch of assasins. Shade talks to Mikaal about life, then he sleeps with Hope O'Dare and decides to go on an adventure but Deathstroke appears.

The Good: The conversation at the beginning does a good job at establishing Shade and Mikaal. Shade seems to be the type that loves life but Mikkal is more of a downer but he try to be, there have been a lot of cra happening in his life and it's just gotten to him. This von Hammer person seems to be a very intriguing fellow since he seems to have many quircks, like explain things in point by point. Also Shade's conversation with Hope shows that he went trough huge character development in Robinson's Starman series since I doubt a high ranking villain would be in a relationship with a cop, we also see that his life used to be more exciting but after all these years he mellowed out and that he needs an adventure to live life properly. I gotta say I didn't see the last page coming. I realized after reading this issue I have missed Cully Hammer's art from when he was doing Blue Beetle, he has this very dynamic style and I love his attention to detail in some panels.

The Bad: I was very distracted by the fact that Hope looks like an adult Brenda, not a problem but very distratcing. The only thing to pull me in is the last page but nothing else, there was just a lot of talking.

The Verdict: From someone who has not read Starman I tought this was a good issue taht introduces Shade as a character very well and gives us a reason to back next month. This is a buy.


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