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The Seven Guns were created by young enthusiastic friends who took deep interests in politics and science. With their advanced skills they created what they call "gun-enhancements" which can assist their already unique super abilities. After their enhancements were in place, they shed their original identities and became The Seven Guns led by Frank Blacksmith. Once beloved as superheroes to America, their absence from September 11's attacks caused them to fall out of public favor.

In the beginning, the team anti-hero Tom Noir had felt that the human five senses were simply not enough. Once he received his enhancements, his plan to fight crime was less global than what the United States soon expected of the team. Tom wanted to take down corrupt cops, bust gangs and drug wars and put an end to illegal surveillance.

John Horus becomes the clear favorite to the American public. His enhancements include 360-degree perception through floating "eyes" that surround him. He is described as the strongest and most powerful of the Seven. In Issue #0, he is also the one that kills the President for starting and continuing what Horus believes is an illegal war in Iraq. Horus also believes the Seven Guns were directed to leave the United States on a wild goose chase so that the World Trade Center attacks could occur. His certainty of political conspiracy runs as deep as Mississippi mud.

With the Black Summer series only beginning, there is not much information on the entire team. We are told that Tom's lover Laura Torch was killed and that their mentor Frank Blacksmith was believed to be dead.

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