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A long-lost suitor from Mary Jane’s past presents her with a shocking offer: she can walk away from the torment and tragedy of life on the run…and all she has to do is turn in Spider-Man. Given the choice between a fugitive’s life and the fame and fortune she left behind to marry Peter Parker, will she take the deal? Meanwhile, across town, Peter Parker brokers the safety of his wife and Aunt May…even at the cost of his freedom. How much madness and loss can one marriage take? Join us in this retrospective of one of the most enduring love stories in comics. Written by Matt Fraction (IMMORTAL IRON FIST, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL) with jaw-dropping art – including beautiful Romita-esque flashback sequences – by superstar Salvador Larroca (UNCANNY X-MEN, NEW UNIVERSAL).

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A sensational love story 0

The whole idea of MJ denying to give up her marriage even when her own life has been in danger,is a great situation.I think Joe Q. might wanna check this after the infamous On More Day plot. It´s a classical love story that no one should miss. One of the main reason this story works, is the flashback images, i just love to see those type of stories. It made us remember Gwen, remember Harry, and some others beloved characters. In my opinion everything is great, just one thing bothers me, it is im...

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Reading this mad me feel like a girl. 0

This was a great issue. Nothing really major happened. I understand that I may get some flack about liking it so much (and I was joking about the "girl" thing). But this story really showed the relationship that Peter and MJ have.Lately, we haven't really seen much interaction between them. Peter's been too busy outting himself, being Stark's errand boy, and then being on the run. Yes they did separate for a while. But they did find their way back together.I've really been enjoying Matt Fr...

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To Have Forever 0

Being part of a comic book generation thats changed over many years. Its something to come by an issue like this one. Just seeing through MJ & Peter's eyes everything about why they came together, and a candid moment that wasnt in the classic pages. They have been the duo that fought, loved, and cared for each other. Not to mention they are one of the classic couples to date. Even though stories have been done, and over again. This annual just grasps a bit of the past, and present. Its defin...

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