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The War has ended, but the fallout continues. As Spider-Man and his family get used to the new status quo...other Spider-Men begin appearing all over the city. Younger, less-experienced versions of our web-spinning hero, causing havoc wherever they go. Who's creating these arachnid dopplegangers and why? And will Peter Parker be able to stop them, and whoever's behind them, before more lives are lost? Including the life of one of his star students?

A red and blue clad Spider-Man tries to prevent a man from breaking into a rooftop. It turns out it was a set-up to nab Spidey and he is immediately surrounded by the police. He quickly points out that he is not Spider-Man.

Three weeks prior Ethan Myers was approached by a mystery man that exposed him to a gas that granted him powers identical to Spider-Man's. He was then given a costume and went out to fight crime. He has been placed in police custody until he can be transfered to Ryker's.

Upon hearing about this arrest, the real Spider-Man secretly visits the jail. Ethan is bent over in pain and turns out to be transforming into a spider-like state. Spider-Man decides to take him for help as the police threaten to shoot him. He tells them to call the hospital and Reed Richards and tell them he's on his way there.

The police decide to set another trap for him. Spider-Man had called Reed himself and meets him on the rooftop. Reed takes Ethan, not bothering to try to apprehend Spider-Man. Spider-Man then visits Dr. Curt Connors, the Lizard, to ask him to analyze the fluids on Ethan's blanket.

On the other side of town, another Spider-Man in red and blue is swinging through the city. He misses the side of a rooftop, falls, and ends up dead. This was another imposter.

On the Lower East Side, a young man walks with his girlfriend as a car pulls up. It's the same mystery man that talked to Ethan. He tells the young man to get in the car or he will kill his girlfriend. Inside the car, the man is revealed to be Mr. Hyde.

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