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The Chief of the New York Police Department accompanied by officer Ellen Hibbert rush to drive to a section of Queens known as Jamaica. Upon arrival they witness a scene of broken broken buildings and damaged vehicles. An officer debriefs the Chief informing him that the carnage was caused by a single man. When the Chief looks over to a pile of rubble he notices the man responsible for all of this, The Rhino. Sitting amongst the debris of broken buildings and cars The Rhino shouts only one word repeatedly, "Nothing!" 

Meanwhile, several neighborhoods away, Peter Parker and Mary Jane are performing yardwork on their home. Peter is building a fence when his friend Billy Walters shows up to talk to him. Billy apologizes to Peter for all the times he became upset with him for not being around (not knowing that it was because Peter had to live his double-life as Spiderman). He then announces that he is moving back to his hometown to take care of his mother who has become sick. Peter accepts his apology and sympathizes with his need to take care of his mother, thinking of his own Aunt May. The two say their goodbyes but not before Billy takes a picture of them together. Peter goes back into his house and puts the picture on the fridge, while telling Mary Jane of the conversation which took place. Mary Jane comforts Peter about Billy's leaving when they are interrupted by a news broadcast on the television. Peter looks at the broadcast from Jamaica, Queens and after seeing the wreckage on the streets, tells Mary Jane to get his camera ready as he changes into Spiderman. 

Upon arriving there, Spiderman knows little of the person behind the mayhem other than the description given of a large man destroying everything in his path. After a brief search of the city, Spiderman discovers that The Rhino is the source of the carnage. Knowing he is not strong enough to take the enemy head on, he begins thinking of a way to take him down. After a quick look around, he notices a wrecking slag hanging from a building and uses it to his advantage to throw it at The Rhino, catching him by surprise. However, The Rhino is only temporarily stunned by the attack, at which point Spiderman decides to ask him why he is doing all of this with The Rhino simply responding by saying "Nothing." Spiderman is still confused of The Rhino's motivation until the police begin attacking the Rhino with rocket launchers and assault rifle fire. The Rhino begins to smile at the pain at which point Spiderman understands his reasoning behind all of this. 

The Rhino's suit, although making him practically unstoppable, has one flaw. It prevents the person wearing it from feeling anything. This lack of touch has driven The Rhino mad. He is therefore running himself through buildings and into cars in an attempt to at least feel pain. 

Realizing this, Spiderman begins thinking of a plan to stop The Rhino. However, he is suddenly distracted when he notices a bus full of children among the wreckage. The bus has sprung a fuel leak and, being near a piece of live power cable from a building The Rhino destroyed earlier, will explode with the children inside unless spiderman gets them out. He begins to pull out the bus with his webbing and frees the children inside along with the bus driver. The Rhino however continues to go on his rampage. Spiderman begins thinking of a plan once again to stop him when he notices a broken fire hydrant near The Rhino. Seeing this, he takes the live power cable from the building where the bus was earlier and throws it into the puddle of water the fire hydrant has made. The Rhino standing in the water, immediately becomes shocked and screams in pain. He thanks Spiderman for finally helping him feel something before falling to the ground unconscious. 

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