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Illustration by Scott Rogers

After years of tinkering in his father’s junkyard, Billy Ray Slaughter developed an uncanny knack for invention. Slaughter can take any object and turn it into a useful tool or a deadly weapon. Building a suit of strength-enhancing armor from found objects, Slaughter struck out to make his fortune in the big city. After finding crime to be more challenging to his talents than super-heroics, Slaughter adopted the identity of the Scrapper. Currently, Bedbug stands in Slaughter’s way of stealing the one million dollars he (thinks) he needs to impress his hoitey-toity fiancee' Olivia Van Haughten.

Weapons and abilities:

Scrapper's armor gives him enhanced strength and endurance - he is strong enough to lift a car over his head and rip an ATM machine out of a brick wall. Other than the armor, Scrapper doesn't favor one weapon as he prefers the challenge that impromptu item creation provides.

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