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Trick´r Treat

The School-Bus Kids

The School-Bus Kids were Special kids who have the tendency to have random behavior patterns(mostly negative, violent) and are kept chained whenever they are on the bus and are monitored on ever other moment. on Halloween they had worn there favorite masks to school, at the end of the day when on there way home there bus driver had taken a different route to the children's surprise. stopping the bus at the edge of a cliff the driver stop n picks up his bucket of candy and before handing them each a piece he checks if there fastened tightly to there seats. not realizing one that he had passed had managed to undo himself he dropped the bucket and chased him down the isle only to be tripped by another kids leg intentionally. wanting to go home so badly the now freed boy tries to drive home (not knowing the first thing about driving) drives them all off the cliff. In the end everyone had drowned but the driver... ever since then there unfortunate end was considered to be a myth by all others.

After Life

The Zombie Kids

A Handful of trick r treaters had heard of there legend and wanted to pay there respects by bring lit Jack-o-lanterns for them each. when they arrived to there resting place the children begun to hear ominous moans coming from the bus. retreating in fear one of them was snagged away in the mist to there death. when the rest were cornered they see that what they considered a myth was in fact history seeing the undead kids standing, hunching before them. immediately the trick or treaters were torn and devoured. Later on, after being awakened the school-bus kids found there long time murderer at his own home and proceeded on with there revenge in a most gory manner.

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