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Young Alexander Shepherd With Morgan Gallows

Alexander Shepherd was a boy born to a normal family. His father was a British diplomat who shot himself over a scandal, and his mother killed herself soon after that. He was sent to catholic orphanage, where he discovered his power. He saw humans true faces, like that the head priest was a vampire and some of the nuns were succubi. He was tormented by other children there, and the workers encouraged them to continue. He committed his first murder at the age of seven. Morgan Gallows came into his life, and trained Shepherd to be a government assassin. He soon split from Gallows and the government, selling his skill to the highest bidder. Unfortunately he was captured in South America, and was tortured for three months, where is mind snapped. His captors shot him in the head and left him for dead, but survived; the bullet lodged into his brain had somehow amplified his natural abilities.

Major Story Arcs


He returned to America as The Faithless One, used his ability to smell vampires and other supernaturals and kill them. He also searched answer to a question - is there God? He stumbled upon Purgatori, and attacks her, begging for her knowledge on the truth. In a fit of rage, Purgatori tells him the only answers he seeks are with the devil, and she slits his throat. As he lay dying, the Pandora Effect occurred, caused by Evil Ernie bringing Lady Death to earth, and the arcane energy filled him with new lifer and understanding; he became the Savior.

The Omen

When The Mind Is Strong, The Flesh Is Weak.

He started a Church of Divine Ascension (CODA) where most of rejects came; most of them were people with powers and eager to follow him. Savior found out that in one of his homeless centers stays a mysterious girl who has strong powers. Savior sends one of new recruits Crush to follow this girl, Vex. When she enters a nightclub, Serendipity creates a distraction, and Vex is lead out of there. His mission was simple, to destroy all of humanity and pave way for those who are 'different', or those mainly influenced by the Pandora Effect and super evolved beings. Savior influences Vex to stay with him, with the intent to use her power to aide him in destroying his enemies, starting with Gallows. He becomes obsessed with Vex's hidden powers, wanting to become one with them, and desires to have her at his side. Vex finally learns her true heritage, blooming with power, and wants to bring chaos into the world on her own. Savior and Vex went to finish off Gallows, but the attack is cut short by Oblivia, wielding an amazing power and knocking everyone out. After the blast, Purgatori comes and saves Savior, in return for his loyalty to her.

Evil Ernie

Savior's mission was to con Evil Ernie to believe that he himself wants Purgatori dead. He tells Evil that they are both part of the prophecy, starting with the Pandora Effect, and proceeds to tell Evil his history. Savior gets Ernie to gather bones from a local museum to aide in a magic ritual to stop Purgatori. He takes Evil to the infamous Manson murder house, where a group of rockers try to contact the dead, and they come across Serendipity. Now realizing he had been conned, all too late, Serendipity entered Ernie's mind, trying to take control over him, but ultimately failed. Ernie's mind was too twisted and Serendipity couldn't stand it. Ernie broke free and fought Slaughterhouse until Purgatori herself joined them. Purgatori then used her telepathy to search the secret of Ernie's powers. Ernie however ordered his ghouls to attack the building; this didn't work well with Savior and he fled.


When Armageddon finally makes his presence known, Savior sees him as the one true God, and brings his followers on a pilgrimage to Armageddon. Suspira and Savior got into a fight, but Armageddon didn't need any worshipers and killed both of them. After the uncreation wave struck Earth and recreated all eight new worlds; Savior and his idea - CODA survived. Joining with hell lords who now lived on earth, he helped to re-create Lucifer.

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