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Jennifer's best friend Jill droped her off at the court house for the pre-trial hearing when she should be at the hospital.When Jen was walking up the stairs she was just thinking about the previous events that happened in the last issue.The pre-trial was over very quickly and Jen got into a small argument with the other attonery named Bukowski.Jill then took Jen to the county jail to make a deal with Trask's men after she was done with that they headed off to the sheriff's office because Jen wanted to see her dad.She got information on where to find Nick Trask from her father and Jen went over to talk with him.While speaking with Trask Jen got a threat and then the meeting was over.Jen went to a friend's house with Jill for a barbecue and she received a strange phone call from the D.A. asking her to pick up some important papers,but Jill went instead.Jen noticed that it was a trap set up to kill her so she transformed into The She-Hulk in order to save Jill.Jill found out that the accelerator was stuck and no brakes in which she bumped into Bukowski.He thought that it was Jen in the car and soon after he saw She-Hulk chasing the car so he decided to try to save Jen from She-Hulk.She-Hulk cleared the way for Jill until she could catch up to her so as the chase went on Jill entered the off-ramp and was headed for rush hour traffic.She-Hulk stopped a bus in order to stop the flow of traffic and waited for Jill to come her way,but when Jill was close to being rescued Bukowski hit She-Hulk with his car.Jill clipped the back of the bus in which made her fly of the ramp and landed on a gas truck.She-Hulk recovered the body,but Jill had died and Bukowski blamed the whole thing on She-Hulk.

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