serberus08's The Savage Hawkman #12 - Revelations review

Harvey Birdman

This issue was quite a nice surprise, a better showing by Liefeld than in recent issues. and to add to that, liefeld, announced via twitter, is leaving the DC 52 series he was on, making my day. The issue, I thought, was petty straight forward, with a nice fight sequence and an even better cliff-hanger to lead into the Zero issue of the 52.

I thought that the way that he wrote Pike is really, in a lot of ways, how Liefeld should have approached Deathstroke. The fighting style he emits is like the identity Crisis Slade, very calculated and planned with strong execution. I thought it was funny when Pike calls Hawkman "Tweety Bird" and "Harvey Birdman". The ending of the issue makes me want to keep reading this series.

The art as usual, by joe Bennett, is spectacular in this issue. I wonder if the art team is going to remain after Liefeld departs.

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