starkiller809's The Savage Hawkman #1 - Hawkman Rising review

Hawkman Soars

I've never been real found of Hawkman, but DC Comic's the New 52, gave me the perfect place to jump on. Tony Daniel is a pretty good writer so I gave it a chance. And I'm glad I did.
The art is really good. I like it because it gives the book a special feeling. It makes if feel different from the others "new" books. This also, to me seems like they are going in a new direction which is good. I love the beginning. it definitely will make old Hawkman fans feel like nothing has changed but things are about to. I really liked the threat that was presented here and I think that this is going to get really good. I also like seeing Hawkman's new way of being Hawkman. It's a lot cooler then a guy strapping wings around himself. 
I wish we knew a little more about this villain but that's what issue 2's for. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing)
Now is the perfect time to start reading Hawkman. I think it's a good change from some of the characters that have 3 series. I think that he is a character that you won't feel is overused and I think that Tony Daniel has some good plans for the character. I would start reading Hawkman because it's actually a good place and it's enjoyable.


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