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Out of nowhere! It's a hit! 0

There's something to be said about a hero that's been there and wants to stop but can't. Not because he's addicted but because it's his duty.  Hawkman has this air of modern nobility about him.   The Good: A lot of times the art and the writing in comics seems disjointed, but this isn't one of them. Personally I prefer the cleaner crisper art of Jim Lee and the like. But reading through the comic, the feeling of being lost Carter has, the art nails that feeling so well. Philip Tan is spot on!   ...

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Prepare to be amazed 0

In the late 1960s a lot of major DC superheroes got rebooted in order to give them a stronger science fiction element as opposed to mystical ones.  It seems in many cases with the new 52 at DC that this is happening again, except instead of being a move to science fiction, it is a move to more of Marvel science.  "The Savage Hawkman" seems to fit this pattern as have a few other titles which have come out this month.  Hawkman is an interesting character to do this to because golden age Hawkman w...

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Strong first issue even with Tan's art 0

Hawkman is a cool character and I've really missed him having his own ongoing book. In "The Savage Hawkman" #1, Tony Daniel gives us a new take on a character that may have the most confusing and convoluted history in the old DC Universe. This is a simple and fresh start for Carter Hall. He's a guy who has been Hawkman but doesn't want to be. He takes the Hawkman suit to a remote location and buries it thinking that would kill Hawkman. But the Nth Metal busts out of it's shallow grave in the fo...

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Another D-Lister Turned Gold by New 52 0

It's happened again. Another writer and artist combo has made a D-list DC Universe character someone I actually like in the New 52, and it's Carter Hall AKA The Savage Hawkman.Written by Tony S. Daniel and drawn by Philip Tan, The Savage Hawkman #1 opens with Hall trying to destroy his alien nth metal armor in the woods. His career as Hawkman had cost him his life once and he wasn't going to let it happen again. But what starts as a funeral pyre for his old way of life soon turns into a new tran...

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Hawkman hovers just above ground level 0

Average and not a very good intro book. The entire first 5 page sequence is pointless as all of that could have been expressed in the captions that discuss his confusion while removing the confusion the reader has as to why he's doing what he's doing. The 5 pages then could have been replaced by a backstory explaining the character rather than putting off... that wold make this book excellent but as it is it is just average with nothing really wrong and nothing really good. it's just Carter Hall...

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The Savage Hawkman Soars 0

This issue really suprised me. I remain embittered by Tony S Daniel's run on Batman, so I sort of expected this to be a dud. That, coupled with Hawkman's confusing history and my growing disinterest regarding the character. But, against myself, I decided to give it a shot.Right off the bat, I'd like to say that Philip Tan's art is amazing. It's very easy to follow and fits Daniel's writing perfectly. The scene of Carter Hall trying to destroy his armor was great, and especially near the end with...

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Hawkman Soars 0

I've never been real found of Hawkman, but DC Comic's the New 52, gave me the perfect place to jump on. Tony Daniel is a pretty good writer so I gave it a chance. And I'm glad I did.  THE GOOD: The art is really good. I like it because it gives the book a special feeling. It makes if feel different from the others "new" books. This also, to me seems like they are going in a new direction which is good. I love the beginning. it definitely will make old Hawkman fans feel like nothing has changed b...

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Sorry, This Is More Like the Average Hawkman 0

Tony Daniel and Philip Tan add the Savage Hawkman to the list of DC relaunches that are bankrupt of any new or interesting ideas for what to do with its lead character. They simplify Hawkman down to an unremarkable superhero character and mistakenly seem to bank entirely on a slight, all-too-convenient twist on his powers as being enough to carry the readers' interest.It's very understandable to want to strip the character of Hawkman down to get rid of so much of the convoluted continuity the ch...

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The All New Hawkman 0

The Story: Carter Hall tries to rid himself of his Hawkman attire but the Nth Metal does something strange to him. My Thoughts:Hawkman is another character who has received his fare share of criticism. Jokes have been made at his expense countless times. A lot of people never understood his character (I don't think I fully did either). An update for Hawkman was definitely long overdue and very much needed to reestablish his credibility. I think after this issue, there will be a lot less jokes ma...

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Savagery, Style, and Substance 0

The Good: Oh my god. I LOVE Philip Tan's artowork. Everything just looks so awesome. And he's found a better balance between the realistic at he did when he starting drawing Outsiders, and the more surreal overly arts style he had towards the end of Outsiders. I don't think it's my absolute favorite of his work, but it's damn close. Tony Daniel's writing is better here than it was before. The pacing of this issue is interesting, and he's able to do new and interesting things with Hawkman that op...

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Nth Metal redefined 0

What is good about the 52 is that older convoluted characters, such as Hawkman, can now how a streamlined origin.  Hawkman like Superman needs to be streamlined and made accessible for a new audience of readers.  Character like Hawkman don't have a huge following and now the character has its chance to win over new readers.  Tony S. Daniel's narrative is clear and it creates a world accessible to new readers.  The history is summed up enough to revamp it.  The villain is reminisce of symbiotes i...

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